Music Teacher

As a Music Teacher he worked in Saint Louis Music Collage (Rome), University of Music (Rome), Roma Rock School (Rome), RMC (Rome), Accademia Scarlatti (Rome), Hope Music School (Rome). Teaching Guitar and arrangement philosophy, Sound Engineering, Music approach.

Music Journalist

As Music Journalist he wrote thousand articles since 1997 with Machintosh Magazine, Macworld, Psycho, Axe Magazine, Metal Shock, Plug-In, Macwold Special etc. Involved as Audio Expert for reviews and audio Tutorials.

Sound Designer

As a sound designer, he created unique sounds and instruments for famous singers and artists, like Andrea Bocelli, Ariana Grande, Morricone, Kevin Costner and Chrysler working together with Native Instruments and DSP Quattro.


As a professional Musician, he’s still working with top class instrument designers and audio hardware outboard to reach the best professional quality in every challenge. Thanks to RME, Vovox, Midiware, Genelec, EKO Guitars, DSP Quattro, PSP, FabFilter, Izotope, Eventide.

PPG Studios

PPG Studios top class analog studio in Tuscany, the best place to be.

Poesie Olofoniche

New &d Sound Technology developer for real sound surround on stereo field.

Sound Engineer

Sound Engineer for the best world wide artists, like Bocelli, Morricone, Rita Ora, Ariana Grande, Queen, etc etc.


Betatester for DSP Quattro software and Presonus USA- PSP Audioware

JGR Studio

My new personal studio, for clients arrangment, composition, mix and mastering in Italy, visit the website for more infos.

Music Director

Music Director for ll Volo Kevin Costner, Mims, Kacey Musgraves etc

Music Arranger

Multi platinum arrangements with most famous artist worldwide. Billboard top 10.

Ribera Endorser

The Best Microphones for best voices at JGR Studios.

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